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  • Environmental Awareness (CIEH)

Environmental Awareness (CIEH)


  • Awareness of key environmental concepts and an introduction to environmental management systems.


  • Identify primary local and global environmental impacts of their organisation.


  • Understand key terms and definitions of pollution.


  • Learn basic principles, key concepts and importance of environmental law.


  • Identify the link between their jobs and a range of environmental impacts.


  • Understand business benefits of adopting an environmental management system.


  • Identify key issues related to energy use and carbon management, waste minimisation, water use, pollution and emergency planning.


Qualification: CIEH- Level 2 Award in Environmental Principles and Best Practice course (with exam).

This course is suitable for all members of staff whose activities could have a significant impact on the environment or supervisors/managers who are being introduced to environmental issues for the first time.

Suggested progression: CIEH Environmental Management Certificate