14 Nov
First Aid – Would you know what to do in an Emergency?

Emergency situations where you might need to give someone Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) may not be something you’ll ever need to do, but what happens if that situation does arise? Are you prepared?

Being able to do CPR can in some cases mean the difference between life or death for someone suffering from a heart attack so it is definitely worth investing in the skills needed to provide it effectively. Whether it is due to time constraints or simply being to busy take part in a basic first aid course is likely to be something we leave for a time when we’re less busy.

But if you lack vital first aid skills would you know what to do if someone were to have a heart attack? People react in different ways to this kind of situation, some with blind panic and others who step in and take the vital actions needed to help save a person’s life.

This calm response to an emergency situation is usually down to some form of preparation. In order to react in the appropriate way, at the very least it is useful to know what to do and ideally to do it correctly. Taking a first aid course could be the best investment you have ever made whether the reasons are simply to develop your knowledge, should you be faced with an emergency or because you are parent of young children.

Whatever your reasons book a first aid course with us today and make sure you have the knowledge that could one day help you save someone’s life.