Manual Handling

Complex Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Back injuries can affect all people, in all job roles and all industry sectors. Many are irreversible and can result in significant periods of absenteeism, costing both employers and employees dear.

An Atrium consultant can carry out a comprehensive audit that will consider:

  • The current procedural arrangements for the management of manual handling risks benchmarked against current legislation and industry standards.
  • The level of compliance to which these standards are achieved within the organisation.

A comprehensive report will be produced that will outline the current level of compliance with these standards and include a draft action plan of how current arrangements can be maximised. Our consultant can assist in the implementation of the action plan and verify by audit that objectives have been achieved.

Our consultant can also work in conjunction with you to review the content, quality and effectiveness of your current manual handling risk assessments to ensure that they provide a suitable and sufficient evaluation and the control measures are appropriate to ensure that employees are protected from the risk of manual handling. Our consultant will also facilitate the completion of any additional risk assessments identified through the consultation. The consultant will subsequently provide the client with records of the assessment to facilitate future reviews and to assist in the communication of hazards, risk level and compliance of control measures within the organisation.

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