Blended Emergency First Aid At Work

What you need to know

This is a 2 hour online module & 4 hour face to face course which equips students with the knowledge and skills to manage an incident until professional help arrives.

On this course students will learn about:

  • Assessing the situation
  • Adult resuscitation
  • Causes of unconsciousness (including common medical conditions)
  • Care of the unconscious casualty
  • Heart attacks and angina
  • Choking
  • Wounds and the management of bleeding
  • Treatment of shock
  • Treatment of burns and scalds
  • Basic fracture management

All students will receive a full training pack including up to date course textbook, PPE stationery and a resuscitation face shield.

This course is currently continuously assessed and will involve successful completion of an online module first before candidates can attend a face to face course. Certificates are awarded to students following successful online module assessments and successful completion of the 4 hour practical continuous assessments done face to face. A certificate of competence is awarded to candidates and is valid for 3 years.

All successful candidates will receive a link via email to download their certificate within their course price. If you are the organiser, you will also receive the same link to download your employee’s certificate. To minimise our price increases this year we are introducing a fee of £5.00 per person if you would also like to receive a hard copy through the post. Please select the ‘hard copy certificate’ option if booking online.

To check for availability and to book, please scroll through the months in the calendar below. Green means available, red means full. Click on the day of your face to face First Aid course. If you encounter any problems, please get in touch.