Full Paediatric First Aid (12 hour blended learning course)

What you need to know

The 12 hour (Blended Learning) Paediatric First Aid course is designed for all childcare professionals. It meets Ofsted and Care Inspectorate Wales requirements for registered childminders, nursery workers and childcare providers.

The E-learning module (up to 6 hours) is completed in  your own time before you attend the practical training element.

Stage 1: E-Learning Module

You will have access to our E-learning module via email to be completed prior to attending the practical day training.

This fully interactive E-learning module contains videos, interactive diagrams and mini-quizzes.

The E-learning course includes the following:

  • Aims of First Aid
  • Looking after an unwell child
  • Emergency response plan
  • Prioritising treatments: casualty assessment / primary survey
  • Child resuscitation
  • Baby resuscitation
  • Care of the unconscious child and baby
  • Child and baby choking
  • Dealing with common causes of unconsciousness including medical conditions such as diabetes, seizures, epilepsy, asthma and allergy
  • Treating burns and scalds
  • Dealing with head injuries
  • Treating cases of poisoning
  • Recognition of meningitis, appendicitis, gastroenteritis
  • Management of wounds and bleeding
  • Treatment of shock
  • Fracture management including spinal injuries

Stage 2: Practical 6 hour training

Following successfully completing the E-learning module, you will have the opportunity to attend the practical aspect of the course which involves 6 hours hands-on training delivered by highly qualified trainers to guide you through the practical life-saving techniques.

The Practical course syllabus includes:

  • Assessing an emergency situation and prioritising action
  • Helping an unresponsive and breathing child or baby
  • Helping an unresponsive and not breathing child or baby
  • Helping a child or baby who is having a seizure
  • Helping a child or baby who is choking
  • Helping a child or baby who is bleeding
  • Recogninsing and dealing with shock caused by severe blood loss
  • Administering First Aid to a child or baby with bites, stings, grazes, bumps and bruises
  • Anaphylaxis and Allergy Awareness

There will be formal assessment at the end of the course and all students are encouraged to participate fully. There are plenty of chances to practice on manikins as well as bandaging each other up! The course price includes a training pack containing stationery, a text book and a resuscitation face shield. Certificates are valid for 3 years and are accredited and regulated by the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB).

To check for availability and to book, please scroll through the months in the calendar below. Green means available, red means full. Click on the day of your First Aid course. If you encounter any problems, please get in touch.