Work Place Health and Safety – Are You Prepared?

14 Nov

By: Atrium

Health & Safety

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If you’re a small business, Health and Safety will more often than not be the last thing on your mind but there will come a time when if you aren’t prepared, you may face a scramble to ensure you comply with Health and Safety law.

Adherence to basic Health and Safety laws is vital for any business, even small businesses, but in our experience a company will often try to fulfil their obligations in a hurry. This is particularly the case when start-ups begin to mature into fully fledged businesses. A growing company with 2 to 3 people can very quickly grow into a company employing 4, 5 and so on…

This is often the point where the owner will realise that he or she isn’t doesn’t have any form of health and safety policy. As an employer, the question you need to ask yourself is “what happens if an employee gets injured or is exposed to anything harmful?” however remote that prospect is.

The risk might only be theoretical, but it would cost your company a great deal of money to put right should it be found that you were liable for any oversights. This could very well undermine the whole foundation of your business in the process and invalidate any insurance you have in place.

So how do you fulfil health and safety requirements in a small business?

The first place to start is to appoint a competent person to deal with it, this can be yourself or an employee but ultimately as a small company owner the health and safety of your employees will be your responsibility.

Lots of guidance on this can be found on the HSE website or if you want to ensure that you are fully prepared for any eventuality, book yourself on a short enjoyable course with a health and safety training provider. They will advise you on everything you need to get your company health and safety procedures exactly right.

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